Don't go here unless you're interested in Lance's love life!

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Carol Wood (not verified)

Bla bla bla, bla bla.

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Basil (not verified)
Poll for webmaster!

"I guess time will tell whether or not this is true - not that any of us really care! (Tho it could affect his cycling as I'm guessing he wasn't measuring his food intake at 64 or wherever).
However, in the meantime, you've created a suggestion for a politically incorrect webmaster's poll:
""Could you say no to Sandra/Lance (depending on your sex, persuasion etc.)?""

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Consider the source

Duh, Sunday Mirror.

Basil, what compelled you to set this trap for the gullible? ;)

Blame it on a bad night's sleep. After several days of researching the Chinese auto industry, I am having nightmares about cars taking over the planet, verdant hills smothered in asphalt, noisy, stinky motors running rampant, general feeling of helplessness. Maybe I just need to finish the assignment.

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Tim Casey (not verified)
No true, according to Lance

"From You decide. I don't care.

Armstrong denies Sandra Bullock rumours
Lance Armstrong has denied recent rumours that he is romantically involved with actress Sandra Bullock.

""We're friends, that's about it,"" Armstrong told the Austin-American Statesman. ""There's nothing else to it. We have had dinner before, but it's always been with big groups of people and totally innocent.""

Armstrong and Bullock both have homes in Austin, Texas, but the rumours kicked off when they both attended a party in New York two weeks ago hosted by Men's Journal magazine.


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