Sunday A18 Singlespeed ride in doubt

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It seems I'm not destined to lead this ride. The last time I tried it was rained out; this time it's road rash. I'll post an update at the end of the week.

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Zev (not verified)
How about a B16 Fixed/Single-Speed Ride?


Sorry to hear about the road rash. I hope it was not a result of your fixie.

I finally purchased a frame and built it up. I did not use the Ultegra brakes I got from you but rather traded them for the R600 (Ultegra) long reach ones becasue the frame needed them. I went flat bar just becasue I am getting older and wanted to be more upright.

So, how about a B16 fixed/single-speed ride for those of us rather new to fixed riding?

The ""Kogswell"" in its final stages of being built

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Good idea

It's unrealistic to think I could lead the ride Sunday - if you want to lead it as a B16, then by all means go right ahead.

Nice bike, BTW. What's the gearing and where'd you get the chainring?

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Zev (not verified)
I wish I could...

"I wish I could lead the ride but the bike is going back into the shop for some final adjustments and the installation of a freewheel for those ""just in case"" moments so I will probably not have in back in time.

I went with 42x16 but I have 700x28s so I think that might actually make it about 43x16. It seems like a good gear that I hope will not kill my kness when I go on some hillier rides.

The chainring is an Adventure Components Miniholeshot BMX 3/32"" ring with a 110BCD. I used an old pair of Shimano 600 touring road cranks I had with the same 110BCD. The ring is in the outer position becasue the frame is spaced 135mm and the fixed hubs use a 52mm chainline which is more common on mountain bike single-speeds.

Let me know the next time you want to lead a fixed/single-speed ride and I will be more than happy to co-lead with you. Also, let me know when you are up and about and I will do some laps in C.P. with you on the fixies!

I hope you get better soon!


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Evan Marks (not verified)
Things are looking up [edit]

Dunno if I'm really feeling better or if it's just the Vioxx, but I'll post a final go/no-go decision on this ride Saturday evening after I've tried to ride.

Zev - when it's finished send a photo to Dennis at [Looks like someone beat you to it: ]

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Christian (not verified)

Hey Evan,

I didn't see the A18 single/fixie ride listed in the bulletin, so can you give more details about what it is, in case?

Oh, and are gearies allowed? What if I just promise to ride in my 36x14 the whole ride? :)

Hope you feel better! If not, I'm willing to lead BK Pave (B16-17) or something else informal on Sunday.

- Christian

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Sal (not verified)
Riding on Saturday

I can't ride on Sunday, but I'll be taking a spin to Nyack on Saturday on my fixed gear. I'll pass by the boathouse at 9am if any of you fixies care to join me.


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Jay (not verified)
Fixed on the Marathon Route

I'm going fixed on Peter's Marathon ride. Hope to see other fixies there!


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Anthony Accardi (not verified)
fixed gear rides

I'd love to do a few group FG rides as well. I ride 4 laps T,W,Th and F at 5:30 am for those who need an early morning fix. (so to speak)

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