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Can anyone recommend a specific GPS model that is helpful for the cyclist? Ideally, I'd like a unit that would able to provide detailed street info with a screen that's reasonably easy to navigate while I'm cruising along. Altitude, light weight, and durability are (obviously) important considerations. I've been looking at the Garmin Erex Vista. Any thoughts, comments, or personal recommendations?


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Stan Oldak (not verified)
Speak to...

Speak to Robert Dinkelmann - he's the maven.
[email protected]

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mike pidel (not verified)

i think the garmin gps v is the best one for cycling
i have a etrex legend, which is fine for hiking.
but the go to function, i dont think keeps you on the roads , but as i said i know more about using it for hiking, climbing than cycling even though i have a bike mount.
i did spot a couple nycc members july 4 weekend on top of bear mountain with the garmin V , i was riding a recumbent. i would like more info and discussion on cycling gps, these guys seemed to know what they where doing . i stoped carrying the legend since it took up too much space on my handlebar for what it actually did for me extra than the cycle computer. a paper map was faster than scrolling through that tiny screen. si i am thinkin gthe garmin V is bettter for cycling and will give you turn by turn ,instructions and hopefuly let you pick routes that arent the highway, like a cue sheet. ?

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Ben (not verified)

Thanks- as it turns out, I was unable to control myself last night and I bought the Garmin Etrex Vista anyway.


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Ed White (not verified)
Your Garmin

I plan to buy one eventually, myself. Let me know how you ending up liking your Etrex Vista.

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Ben Dale (not verified)


Will do. I ordered it online and am hoping that that it makes it in time for a spin to Nyack this week-end...

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RADManZulu (not verified)
Garmin E-Trex Vista

I use mine for all my rides. I use the MetroGuide mapping software to upload the local maps to the GPS - this helps a lot. I keep the old tracks in case I want to go back and ride the route again - I just upload them on to the GPS again. At the end of the ride, use the save track function before uploading to your PC - it will cobble the all parts of entire track into a single track (often the track will be in bits and pieces if the satellite signal was lost at any time). Calibrating your usual computer against the GPS distance on the track gives amazing accuracy.

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