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I have a pair of SSCs about 18 months old and have been hearing a loud shreiking noise that I'm pretty sure is in the freewheel. It's recurring but not constant and tends to occur when I'm coasting at speed, as on downhills, then disappears when I pedal. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and can share the wisdom of their experience. Thanks.

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Andy C. (not verified)
Ksyrium Ksqueking

"Sometimes if there are rubber seals somewhere, they will rub. On some of the really crappy Raleigh M20s i built, the rubber ""seals"" would squek. We would just shoot some light lube on the seal and it would stop. I don't know if K's have a seal like that anywhere, but just a thought."

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Greg Stoeber (not verified)
Ksyrium Wheels

I had the exact same problem! Horrible noise while coasting downhill. I got lots lots of wrong opinions such as brake squeal, out of true wheel, loose hub, etc.
If you look at the chain while the noise is being made you'll see that the chain is actually going slack. My bike shop fixed it by getting into the hub and making sure that it was greased properly and that the pawls were ok.
I think a special (Mavic) tool is required to get in there. In any case, I havent had a problem since.

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Robert Gray (not verified)
Noisy Expensive Wheels

I had a different problem with noise with the same wheels.
It was in the front wheel and was also solved by relubricating the bearings. Their factory lubing must have been bad for a while.

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