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"This was due to start at 1.00 PM today.
I arrived at 12.45 PM to find a queue along 48th St from Fifth Ave to Sixth Ave and then north on Sixth Ave.
Barnes & Noble were issuing yellow wristbands and one was duly attached to my right wrist by the designated issuer as I joined the end of the line.
However, on hearing that I hadn't actually purchased the book yet (in my naive state, I volunteered my assumption that I'd have an opportunity to buy a copy on the way to have it signed) she immediately removed the band from my arm, advising that the store had already sold out (2,000 copies) and all entrants would have to have an unsigned copy of the new book. (This despite my wearing a yellow USPS ""Pro Cycling Team"" shirt and carrying a somewhat upset 4-year-old who was disappointed at not being able to see Lance Armstrong!) A little harsh I thought - apparently there were some available at a bookstore 6 blocks away but no guarantees that those yellow armbands would still be available on returning with the requisite book!
Snippets from others in the line (no guarantees as to reliability!):
- A signed copy could be worth $150.
- This was the second-longest (after Howard Stern) book-signing line a regular book-signing attendee had ever encountered.

The (better-)prepared, (I guess).


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Jonathan Bloom (not verified)

I arrived at 11:30 and got my books signed at 2pm. Lance mentioned he had already ridden for the day, 2 laps in CP. I found him to be incredibly friendly. My friend from Mexico (who I met on line) conversed with him in her native tongue. He appeared extremely upbeat and also happy to be signing what must have been hundreds if not thousands of books.

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Jay (not verified)
Lance loved my NYCC zippered jacket

Jonathan must have been near me on the line because I could echo his comments. Lance indicated that he liked my NYCC jacket but when I offered it to him, he said no thanks.

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