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As luck would have it, my new job dictates that I have to move to Philadelphia in the next month. Though it is good to be employed again, moving out of NYC will stink.

Anyone know of any good bike clubs to ride with in the Philly area?

Thanks in advance for any info


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JP (not verified)

I met some members that were doing a charity ride is South Jersey - seemed like a nice bunch.

There are some nice routes north and west, and if you go south and east, it's about 80 non-hilly miles to Cape May.

Eat at Alma de Cuba.

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John Z (not verified)
I Know it Well

I went to school and lived in the Philadelphia area for many years (both suburbs and Center City). You will find Philadelphia has a large and organized cycling community, both touring and racing. It is certainly one of the top ten cycling cities in the country, and may even be in the top 5. JP's link to the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia is a good start -- BCP is Philadelphia's NYCC.

Generally speaking, Philadelphia offers easier access to good cycling roads than New York City. Therefore, mid-week riding its easier -- no endless laps of Central Park or Prospect Park! Along the Schuykill River, there is a paved bike trail out to Valley Forge (about 22 miles one-way) that is great for steady-state training, and as a gateway to other roads. You will find that most Philadelphia rides tend to start and end on the bike trail, except for those going to Bucks County.

With the exception of South Jersey, the terrain around Philadelphia is very rolling, with many moderately challenging short climbs. There are no Bear Mountains, but many climbs about as difficult as Alpine. The near suburbs of Montgomery and Delaware counties offer the Main Line's fine cycling roads, and the further suburbs of Chester and Bucks counties offer some wonderful semi-rural riding. Chester County is particularly noteworthy. A little further out is Lancaster County, a cycling nirvana of rolling hills and covered bridges, save for Route 30 and its outlet malls.

If you are into mountain biking, you are in for a big surprise. With the city's limits is one of the countries most renowned mountain biking areas: the Wissahickon Gorge. Even if you are not into technical off-road cycling, a ride on Forbidden Drive through the gorge is a must. You will not believe you are in a city! Forbidden Drive is gravel and doable with a road bike, but more for fatter tires. Midway along the drive is Valley Green, one of the more charming Inns you will find anywhere.

As for bicycle shops, I highly recommend Bean's Bikes in Paoli. I still make all my major purchases there, despite the 3 hour trip. In Center City, Bicycle Therapy is very good. There is a chain called Bike Line that is hit or miss.

Don't forget Wachovia's (nee Core States then First Union) USPro Cycling Championship held in June. Ignore the PR around the NYC Cycling Championship and the SF Grand Prix. This is the big US bike race with truly large crowds, not to mention a European style course and atmosphere. You can ride the course, including Manayunk's famous wall, at your leisure.

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