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A19 50-75 Miles 8:30 AM
From the Boathouse
My last two Westchester rides were rained out and tomorrow is marginal but we are going to offer an option to ride out starting a little later and come back on the train. Join Russ Berman and I to do a moderately paced venture north that will not stray very far from the trian lines. 50 miles to lunch in Katonah, 75 miles to Tarrytown. Other bailouts available if it starts to rain.
Don't forget your train pass.

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Pam (not verified)

I would like to join a club since I really enjoy bike riding, but it seems all the clubs's activities are very early in the morning. I would think that riding is for fun, how many people like to wake up so early, especially in the weekends when most people have the day off and want to sleep late, and then to have some fun, how come there are not many races and rides that start later of the day?

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Robert Gray (not verified)
Start time for rides

I offered the ride above at he last minute exactly because there only seemed to be rides that started earlier, even one that left at 6AM and because some people do not want to take a train to start. The train is somewhat more welcome at the end a ride but there is a potential for going far away if you use the train.
We start rides early most of the year because we want to have daylight time available if there is a problem such as someone's bike breaking out in the middle of nowhere towards the end of he ride. We never abandon people who have problems on our rides, we always wait or otherwise be assured that they are taken care of. That is one of the many advantages on going on our rides.
Also, the in heat of the Summer, people like to get as much of the ride in as possible before the roads heat up. You will find that as the weather gets colder, we start rides later and make them shorter.
New York Cycle Club does not have races at all, but races in the parks are held very early primarily for safety reasons so that there are not many people in the park to walk out into the roadway and get hit by bikes going much faster than they would usually expect.

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