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Hi NYCCers:

I've got a couple of bikes with Sturmey Archer hubs (an AW3 and a S5), and I need some bits and pieces -- a new indicator spindle etc.

What bike shop in the city is most likely to have this? I am guessing Bikeworks is the first stop, and then maybe Bicycle Habitat?

Any other old 3 speed freaks out there who can give a tip? Otherwise, it'll be a phone call to Sheldon...

- Christian

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Peter (not verified)
lots of options, no guarantees

Maybe old news to you, but Sturmey-Archer went out of business 4, 5 years or so ago. Their business or parts of it were purchased by Sun Race, a Tawainese company.

I could be wrong, but I'm almost certain Sun Race does not have any distributorship channels here. If you're visiting the Far East (i.e Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc.), then you should be in luck.

The other sources you mention seem like a good place to start. I'd add 'A Bicycle Shop' to the list. They're located at 14th St near 9th Ave.

If the bike shops don't work out, I'd try rummaging through flea markets and garage sales. Yeah, I know this is NYC, but I think there's a weekend flea market w/ bikes sold in Chelsea (26th & 6th). Maybe you could pick one up for a song and use it for spare parts?

If all else fails, Shimano and SRAM make internal hub gears.

(with a SA 5 speed still goin' strong)

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Christian (not verified)


should you ever need to service your S-A stuff, the following site has everything you could need:

but I was looking for local shops out of convenience. Thanks for the other tip!

- Christian

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Sheldon is mecca, but...

...keep these up your sleeve just in case:

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hannah (not verified)

Hi Christian. Recycle-A-Bicycle gets donations of bikes with S-A parts. They don't usually take those things apart so would probably sell you a whole one for you to cannibalize. I think the DUMBO shop (55 Washington Street) has the most inventory. Call ahead to see whether what you need is available.


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Keith (not verified)

Try Emmy's, Emmey's (sp ?) on 16th street, north side of street, between LaGuardia Place and 3rd Avenue. He works on internal 3+ speed hubs.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Emey's Bike Shop

Location is 141 E. 17th St. (north side), just west of 3rd Ave. Not one of those spick-and-span shops (to say the least), but if you're looking for old bikes and parts, it's a treasure trove.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
asthma & emphysema

If you're allergic to dogs you're in trouble just walking into that shop.

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Keith (not verified)

Thanks Mordecai, I can never remember if he is on 16th or 17th!

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