GWB curb cut: It's repair is in sight!

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I'm clearly on a hot streak with respect to my letter writing. First was the Port Authority.

Now comes a call from the DoT in response to my asking them to, at long last, repair the curb cut onto the sidewalk leading to the GWB path.

Yes!! They ARE going to do it! First, wouldn't you know, has to come an engineering survey, then, what?, competitive bids on the repair? I don't know. But I'm told it's coming. In due time. (Look at your watches.)

Let us hope the neighborhood urchins don't plow their wheels into the wet concrete as they did first time around.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
Yeah, right.

When? Which year?

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Travis Bickle (not verified)
Oh No!

I say leave it alone. Stuff like that, and the potholes at Kissena velodrome are what set us New Yorkers apart from, you know, like, Michiganites and such.

It starts with a curb cut, and ends with a Starbucks kiosk! Yeech!

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JP (not verified)

Fix the curb and impale the jerks that always brake bottles there.

Starbucks? No!!! But a vendor cart with some food, drink and some cycle stuff (tubes, air, tools, EPO) wouldn't hurt.

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bill (not verified)

There's one 3 blocks North @181 and Ft Washington. So, judging by company standards, one HAS to be built at 177 St.!

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hannah (not verified)
errant apostrophe

"I'm sure that Richard did not mean to put an apostrophe in the subject line of this thread.

Otherwise, this is very welcome news! Thanks for you're hard work.


(Just kidding about the ""you're."")"

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
The long promised, long delayed repair to the GWB curb cut

...Well, as it just so happens, only this morning did I finish a letter to DoT Comm. Weinshall on this very subject, reminding her six months have now passed since her subordinate, a Mr. Herskovitz, assured us of the repair. In my letter, I volunteer to fix this myself if the city is short on funds. (Really what is most necessary is to chip away some concrete.)

Anyhow, I had to leave my letter unsent as it seemed more important to rush to the airport in order that I could wait in an airplane for Bush's plane to arrive unimpeded by the likes of commoner's aircraft on the taxi way.

...Which is my way of saying when I return to NYC (Sat.), I'll re-engage with this. Now that one of my heroes, Paul Robeson, is on a stamp, I'm more inclined than ever to send real mail.

Oh, and Ms. Weinshall's husband is up for re-election this year.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
"""GWB curb cut"""

"Richard, not sure if you are aware of your subtle use of irony. Careful though, someone on Pennsylvania Avenue may get the idea to use the bridge as a landing strip when the Texas Rangers come to town (more so now that A-Rod is now playing in the Bronx). Anyway, I hope it's just that and not an actual renaming of the bridge, or portions thereof to the current President. :-)

Seriously, nice work. Perhaps immediately after the wet cement is laid we should have an overnight sit-in, barbecue style. The ""neighborhood urchins"" will appreciate that, I reckon."

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B. Dale (not verified)
Curb watch

Six or eight guys were out painting bicycle and pedestrian symbols on the bridge this morning. Still no progress on the curb, though.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
The DoT's failure to perform and your impeccable timing.

The timing of your note is nothing less than uncanny.
Today's mail carried a letter from me to DoT Comm. Weinshall (aka Mrs. Sen. Chas. Schumer) prodding her, recalling to her the representations her inferior, a Mr. Herskovitz, made to me now seven months ago.

I appreciate your being mindful of this and ask you to keep it in mind until the curb cut is re-surfaced. Mea culpa for procrastinating my hectoring Weinshall; you may be assured I'm in agitating mode...oh, to be sure, all in a perfectly gentlemanly way so as to not bring down calumny on the club.


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