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Unfortunately, I had my life flash before my eyes as a Central Park trash vehicle pulled a 90 degree left turn in front of me (across the bike lane) in order to drive onto a walking path. Had it not been raining or had I been willing to strike pedestrians I could have avoided crashing, but I ended up trashing my front fork. I have been told that my only recourse is to file a claim with the NYC Comptroller's office. If anyone can offer his/her experiences and/or advice it would be appreciated. Needless to say, I am not holding my breath about getting my new fork covered and I am still hoping to drag my cut and brusied self to the Catskills this weekend.


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Kickstand (not verified)

Maybe talk to someone from Transportation Alternatives?

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Hy S. Terrier (not verified)

Jacoby & Meyers

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Show Me The Money (not verified)
and why not?

Absolutely, pursue this route. It is your inalienable right to make a truckload of dosh from what was a simple, albeit unfortunate, traffic incident.

I flat spotted my tire yesterday when I had to brake hard for an unleashed dog. I am currently suing the dog for a bazillion dollars as well as the city for infinity + 1 dollars because my lawyer says you just automatically sue the city as well and he wants a big fat fee to buy a new Hummer.

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Jesse (not verified)
Claims against the City

Here's a link for a claim form. Good Luck...


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JP (not verified)

From what I remember of personal injury cases, the notice is a pre-requisite to sue the City. It must be filed within 90 days. You may have a hearing. If your claim is denied, you may got to court.

I'm glad YOU are not seriously injured.

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Törless (not verified)
Personal responsibility ...

"I find it highly amusing that several posts simply assume the worst litigious motives. Is it too much to ask that one who causes you injury and property damage make it right? All I would like is to have the damage to my bicycle paid for. Perhaps you all would simply chalk it up to bad luck if someone hit your bike, car, etc. and left you with repair bills you could ill-afford. I'll believe that when I see it.

Finally, this is not litigation. It is a claim in a forum provided by the city for precisely these types of grievances. My impression is the real ethic put forward by these pos(t)ers is to preach personal responsibility unless it applies to them. But maybe they are just true ""turn the other cheek"" folks with a bad attitude?"

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JP (not verified)

"You were in need of info and got it. Me, just 20 years as an Esq. Others helpfully gave you the form. The facts are the facts. No assumption. The general progression, in hundreds of thousands of incidents, is injury = damages = claim = recovery/denial = law suit/forget about it.

From me you shall not get advice gratis again. In fact, I would not even take your money. I'm not name calling - you are, in fact and in deed, an ingrate.

I trust you find this, again, ""highly amusing."" If so, why am I laughing at you? Rhetorical - no response required!!

Good luck, John"

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Törless (not verified)
Rhetorical -- no response required

"John -- I invite you to re-read my post in context. I am indeed grateful to all constructive responses. Is the following excerpt (not from your post) a ""fact?"" ""It is your inalienable right to make a truckload of dosh from what was a simple, albeit unfortunate, traffic incident."" Is wanting to have out-of-pocket damages covered tantamount to milking the system for a Hummer? I would think the difference between your post and such comments would be readily apparent.

If you in fact took my above post to apply to your advice, then I am at a loss. You are certainly right in one respect. If you're really laughing, then no response is indeed required."

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