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Much thanks and many kudos to the ENY Committee and everyone who volunteered this year. Despite the questionable weather (who turned up the wind machine on Riverside Drive?) it was another great event. And no bees at lunch! If only Bergen County wouldn't be so picky - hope no one got lost where some of the signs were missing.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)

as one of the ride leads i just want to say THANKS to all the volunteers. the signs were great and you were there to feed and hydrate us. all of you put the FUN in riding for the rest of us. again, thank you all from all of us. hal

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Dan van B. (not verified)
A BIG thank you to organizers and B Century ride leaders

WOW. Three of us from Long Island were very grateful for the manpower, organization and support for this well-marked (even in the rain!) ride. A ride that was at times too cold and wet to really enjoy the scenery was nonetheless conducted with ride leaders who responded admirably to a multitude of decisions from getting quick help for a rider with a broken collar-bone to adjusting the route where it mattered. And all with the safety of riders foremost. Thanks to everyone, especially Brian and Ray!

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Bonnie Waldman (not verified)
Great Job Escape NY!!!

Bennett and I just wanted to say that the ride was fabulous despite the downpour. Thanks for the blue gloves, the baggies for our feet, the good grub and warm wishes ...

All in all you guys made it a great experience!

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
ENY: Great Job!

Thanks to all those who made it happen. Great Job!

This was my first ENY ride and I am very impressed by how well this event is organized and delivered.

Thanks also to Gary our ride leader. He kept the outlook positive and upbeat.

I learned how to cross the GWB.
And it was great fun.

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