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I read good things about this tour company on this message board. They have two trips to Costa Rica around Thanksgiving. Does anyone know anything about these? Been on one?

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bernie spier (not verified)
costa rica

i did that exact trip several years ago. challenging cycling (some major climbs, one entire day of downhill), accomodations variable (some great), well organized (they chalk the route so no need for cue-sheets). country is beautiful with different types of terrain and incredible biodiversity. do it!!


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Carol (not verified)

"I've done this trip with them. As has been said, it's the most challenging cycling I've ever done, but the trip is very much worth it. The country is beautiful and fascinating and all the things you do off the bike are fabulous - don't miss the canopy tour of the rain forest! We spent New Year's Eve ('99-'00) watching the ""fireworks"" of a volcano while soaking in a natural hotspring."

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gerry (not verified)
costa rica

karen and i did the 'beaches and butterfly' trip last january. a great trip on mountain bikes on the road that were well maintained. i suggest that you start training now! the first 2 days are all climbing to the rain forest. the last day has 7 climbs, then down to the sea- we rode on the beach to the hotel. highly recommended.

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Thanks for all the input on the Costa Rica trips

It's odd because it's my understanding from the people at XPlus that the Beaches, Butterflies trip is supposed to be easier than the Multisport trip, which is the one I'm planning to take because I want to check out the white water rafting. They told me I wouldn't have a problem at all. (They actually made it sound as though I would find it easy.) Maybe the Beaches one has more strenuous biking . . .

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