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I have an extra ticket for Bruce Springsteen,
Saturday October 4th at Shea Staduim
Bruce should go on about 8:20-8:30 even though the tickets say 7:30pm

Location: Field Box 152, Row J. Left Feild view, stage is in Center Feild

Price: $91

Call me at 212 371-7906 or 917 952-6061.

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kc (not verified)

>I have an extra ticket for Bruce Springsteen...
How was the concert?

I saw the concerts at Giants Stadium.
#2 lower level on r side, Fri night.
#8 on the floor, 15rows from stage.

Even got pix of Pat Riley up close
and the rest of concert on CD.

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John Z (not verified)
The Boss

The best show on the tour was in Philadelphia -- 8/11/03. We had great seats. This may even have been his best show since the legendary year-end 1980 shows at Nassau Coliseum. Stunning:

1) From Small Things
2) The Rising
3) Lonesome Day
4) Night
5) Be True
6) Atlantic City
7) Empty Sky
8) Waitin' On A Sunny Day
9) Darlington County
10) It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City
11) Worlds Apart
12) Badlands
13) Out In The Street
14) Mary's Place
15) Streets of Philadelphia
16) Into The Fire
17) Thunder Road

18) Incident on 57th Street (full band)
19) I'm Goin' Down
20) Ramrod
21) Born To Run
22) My City of Ruins
23) Land of Hope and Dreams
24) Pretty Flamingo
25) Rosalita
26) Dancing in the Dark
27) I'm A Rocker

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Chris T (not verified)
Ticket still available (nm)
cycling trips