Sore throats after long rides?

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Anyone notice sore throat/ pre-flu like symptoms after long rides that subsequently disappear?
Anyone know why/ how to prevent it/ what to do?

Lynn B

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Janet Klutch (not verified)
Sounds like you stressed your immune system with this effort
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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Sore throats after long rides?

I have read that the immune system is weakened by all big athletic events. There's a high incidence of colds and flu afterward, which poses a constant problem for team coaches. Often there's an event closely following a prior event and the team is out with flu due to the first event.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Too much breathing

Mouth breathing, that is.

Ricola cough drops work well for me.

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jeff (not verified)

Chewable vitamin C's work well. The effect is too immediate to involve the immune system. More likely from breathing dust, pollen, dry air, car exhaust, etc.

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steve c (not verified)
Possible dehydration

I've come to recognize a slight fever-ish feeling with headache after a ride as a symptom of dehydration. Some Gatorade or similar sports drink with electrolytes and plenty of water usually does the trick. As for sore throat -- perhaps caused by panting from exertion?

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JP (not verified)

I have noticed this sometimes - usually on shorter rides, so it's not immune system stress for me. I think it's bad air - allergens, pollutants, etc. I hope I don't have to become a masked man ;-)

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John Z (not verified)

I agree with those who blame sore throats induced by riding on pollution, specifically ozone. Typically, ozone levels are high on warm, hazy summer days. This is when I experience sore throats and/or lung soreness. Ozone is very damaging, so be careful.

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Lynn B (not verified)
Ozone/ Pollution?

Thanks for the interesting replies.
Could very well be pollution or ozone. The worst case I remember was riding up and back on 9W on a Saturday, ton of traffic.


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