Saturday's A19 ride to Cold Spring/Brewster

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It is 3:30 AM, I have had all of 2 hours sleep as I am sick with a sore throat. No fever but my pulse is up and I feel weak and can't sleep. My guess is that I won't have what it takes to do the ride. By the time I get to The Boathouse I'll have a pretty good idea of my status. I plan on riding up with the cue sheets and sign-up sheet. I'll also take a whistle just in case I can ride I will be able to signal with it. But my gut feeling is that someone else will have to lead this one. If we can find a new leader we will review the cue sheet. But remember, this ride crosses the GW Bridge on the way out so the October 1st opening of the south bike path will be a little late for this one: bring cleat covers for the steps if you have road shoes.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Poor Hank!


Sorry to hear you're sick! How noble of you to bring up the cue sheets anyways.

Does anyone live around Wash. Square Park who could pick up the cue sheets from Hank, so he doesn't have to come out?

I'm in Midtown, and not sure I could do it in time to be at the park by 8. By 8:20 or so, I could.

Any other riders who see this, please reply.


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jeff (not verified)

E-mail me, I can bring up the cue sheets.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

At 7:30 AM I am feeling better and will know more when I get to The Boathouse.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
I must be talking to myself...

We went and got drenched: talking bigtime monsoonal downpours. Mr and Ms Weatherman missed this one bigtime.

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