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I just moved to Hoboken 2 weeks ago and the other day took the ferry to 39th(?) St. I saw a biking/walking path there, do people do long rides on that path? How long is it and where does it start/end?? I have no idea where to go for a good 30 mile ride...can you help me?

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JP (not verified)

That's the Hudson Greenway. It run's south to the Battery, about 4-5 miles, and it runs north to above the George Washington Bridge, about 10-12 miles. It's a nice ride early AM or weekdays - when it's not crowded. There are 2 detours, one up to the carriage lanes around 96th St., and one around 135th St., where you have to exit, continue under the highway and then re-enter through a DEP parking lot. But it is nice - esp near the GWB and the lighthouse. Plus, above 72nd St., you can take Riverside Drive. If you go to the end, there is a short steep climk with a switchback and a ped bridge which takes you to 181 St. From there, the GWB.

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rbander (not verified)
stay in Jersey

"Hi Mike,
You don't know it yet, but actually you are in a much better position, cycling-wise, than if you were in Manhattan. Forget crossing the Hudson, just head North out of Hoboken, stay on the road paralleling the Hudson (I forgot the name, but I'm sure someone will chime in here and let us know). Just before you come to the GW bridge there is a steep climb. About 2/3 the way up, there is an entrance to the right into what we call ""River Rd"", which is about the nicest ride in these parts. Hardly a car in sight, varied terrain, and you're in a forested park the entire ride. The pavement's a bit rough at first, but keep going and it gets better. You can even continue from there up to Nyack or Piermont, if you want. Have fun!"

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peach fuzz (not verified)

Come to the next meeting of the New York Cycle Club, Tuesday, October 14, 6:00 PM, Annie Moore's Pub, E 43rd Street between Madison and Vanderbilt (south side of street.) Cash bar and socializing 6-7PM, buffet dinner - $20 - at 7 PM, followed by meeting with program. Make yourself known and someone will introduce you about, and you will find out about NYCC rides.

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JP (not verified)

Yes, the NJ side is nice, like RBANDER says.

The road right along the Hudson is River Road. To get up to the GWB, you must tackle 2 fairly steep climbs. How are you on climbs? The first climb levels off at a parking area where, if you do a 180, you descend to what we call River Road, but is, I think, Henry Hudson. Great cycling, 8 miles, few cars, great views, great descents, ... and climbs. 3 climbs, the last one being Sheriff's Hill - one mile @ what, 7%. Again, fine if you have the legs and lungs. Or you can not make the 180 and go straight, climb the 2nd hill, pass the GWB, continue on that road to the end (2-3 miles) and pick up 9W north.

At the end of Sheriff's Hill, you can pick up 9W south and head home, or 9W north to Piermont/Nyack/Rockland State Park. 9W is fine with usually wide shoulders. BUT, coming back, heading south from Rockland Pk, Nyack, Piermont, hills again.

For me and many, The GWB, River Road (the 8 miler), and Nyack is the classic, seminal, out-of-city ride. About 50-60 miles, depending on routes, and some climbing.

Do the NYC ride, NJ, RR, GWB, 9W - do some club rides, join the club ... and you yourself can decide upon your favorite routes!

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