What to wear?

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Hi everyone,

I'm planning on riding the ENY next weekend, and I'm still in the process of buying mid-weather cycling gear. Right now I only have short-sleeve jerseys and shorts. Do you think I can get away with this for next weekend, or should step up to a long sleeve jersey and tights? I would normally layer more if I were hiking or doing anything else outdoors, but in the case of cycling I know that not carrying too much and weight are or essence and that you can warm up pretty fast.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Michael (not verified)
Depends on the day

Tough to say as the weather certainly varies. We've had ENYs that have been warm and others with Jack Frost nipping at your nose...

The problem with ENY is we start so bloody early. it is a good potential use for leg warmers (which cover you from short to sock) and arm warmers along with a windbreaker that you can slip into a jersey pocket. That way you can strip down as the day goes along.

You should have a long sleeve and tights in your wardrobe anyway. Try various combos in different weather and see how you like it..

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Re: What to wear

"Get some tights or leg warmers, you'll need them in the months to come anyway. Arm warmers are a good alternative to LS jerseys as they can be removed when it warms up. A wind proof vest with a mesh back is another good thing to have. These items are light and can be easily stuffed in a jersey pocket. A few ounces aren't going to slow you down.

Good rule of thumb for cool weather riding: If you're comfortable in the first mile, you're over dressed.


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