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Hi everyone,

I recently settled in NY (from France), and could have pretty soon the occasion to do a Coast to Coast trip in the US.

I don't feel confident enough to go, with my current knowledge of repair.

I am thus looking for bike repair classes in NYC, or spending some volunteer time in a shop or association, in order to help and also upgrade my knowledge.

I found your site very interesting and thought that you guys would probably have some good ideas that could help me.

my email is [email protected].

Thnaks in advance for your answers.


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Raph (not verified)

bienvenu au etats-unis,

Park Tool (compagnie d'outil pour velo) a une liste de boutique qui offre des cours:

Sinon il suffit d'aller a la boutique la plus proche et de demander.

[welcome to the US,
Park tool offers classes in association with local bikeshops:
Otherwise just head to the nearest bikeshop and ask]

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Classes and individual instruction... my favorite shop, Bicycle Habitat!

En plus, connaissez-vous la region bordelaise? J'y vais faire un petit tour de neuf jours en octobre, si vous avez un moment pour m'en parler (peut-etre en anglais!)

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hannah (not verified)

I second this recommendation. I took the seven-week repair class at Habitat four years ago and it was wonderful. I am not kidding when I say it changed my understanding of the world. Ball bearings, cables, springs . . . it's all in there. Best of all you bring your own bike to class, and work on it, so you learn exactly what you need to know.


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JP (not verified)

"The 5 Borough Bicycle Club has courses:

Buy the book ""Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance,"" by Zinn.

Hang, ask, watch at local shops.

Bon chance, JP"

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