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Hello all,
I'm going to be on holiday for a few days in NY next week and was planning on doing some cycling around Central Park each morning.
Could you please let me know whether it's safe cycling around the park first thing (around 8:00 - 9:00am).
Also, I'd appreciate it if you could recommend other routes, I'll be staying in the Upper West Side.
Thanks a lot

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Michael (not verified)
The danger is on 4 wheels

Central Park is very busy at that hour. The dangers you'd face, and it is not insignificant, is the traffic. They close the roads to cars at 10AM (??) and until 3PM it is peaceful, safe and fun

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Shouldn't be a problem

The park shouldn't be a problem at between 8am and 9am. But if you are on holiday here, as opposed to working, you might want to consider riding in the park after 10am, as it shuts to traffic during the weekdays until 3pm, with just the southeast corner between 58th St and E72nd St open to traffic - mostly taxis and horse and carriages during these hours. I realise that might impede on sight-seeing etc.

Changing the subjectm, judging by your e-mail address, you are in the UK. Would you consider bringing over a bicycle frame for me, which is in my brother and sister-in-law's loft in Ealing, west London?

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george (not verified)
central park

Bea - apart from the traffic, central park is busy with joggers, cyclists and dog walkers for most of the day. Its no more dangerous than other parks in any major city at that time of day. Riverside park is also a fab for cycling with views of the river and the bike path now goes all the way up to the GWB, a few hard-to-find pieces notwithstanding. Your best bet is to pick up a NYC bike path map at your nearest bike shop when you get here.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
'tis ok

"I commonly rode at such time in Central Park. Sure there's traffic, but at that time the ""recreational"" (pedestrians & bike) lanes are much less empty than say 1 to 2 hours earlier. In my opinion and experience, that time-usage definitely is a sweet-spot. Enjoy!"

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