WANTED: Tape of Sunday's Vuelta (mtn.) stage.

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  • WANTED: Tape of Sunday's Vuelta (mtn.) stage.
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...Not that I've yet returned the Tour tape Justin so kindly loaned me, but....

If you taped Sunday's OLN coverage of the Vuelta, may I borrow it? I will return it promptly. (Justin, stop laughing.)

(212) 371-4700

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Justin (not verified)
as luck would have it.......

this way you can return 2 tapes in one go! I'll drop it off with your door man tomorrow


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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Never mind. Request fulfilled. Plus Sun. stage was aired Mon.

Thank you, Jeff Wilson, and thank you the ever sanguine Justin Reid, whose earlier tape I've yet to return.

As it happens, OLN repeated Sunday's stage today, Monday, because the race had an off day.

I know from off days. Every day I ride seems to be.

Anyhow, anyone else thinking to loan me the tape I sought to borrow need not.


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