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I am interested in doing the C12-13 Irv Birthday ride tomorrow. In the bulletin it says to bring a good attitude and group riding skills. The good attitude shouldn't be too hard to muster, but where can I get the group riding skills required for the ride?

And as I do not have much time between now and tomorrow, I need the Cliff Notes version.


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Christian Edstrom (not verified)
Group riding skills

"You'll be fine on the C12-13 ride so long as you're comfortable on a bicycle, but the keys to good group riding is just to be predictable and to signal your intentions.

To wit:

1. Ride steadily. Don't wiggle around, don't ride 12 feet from the curb, unless conditions (eg fallen trees) dictate etc. Basically, ride single file unless explicitly directed otherwise.

2. When turning, signal left or right turns by handsignal and calling out ""Left turn"" or ""Right turn.""

3. When slowing, show the rider behind you your flat palm. (Turn arm down at elbow) and say, ""Slowing.""

4. Keep a reasonable distance (3-6 feet) behind the cyclist in front of you.

That's about it. Have a great time!

- Christian"

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Heath (not verified)
Where do the rides end?

Never Mind, I got the answer.

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