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Can anyone comment on this ride? If I go, I'll have room in my car for 2 passengers (with bikes, of course).

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Excellent ride!

I have done this ride for several years. Beautiful, rolling route, a challenging century (though there are shorter as well as longer routes). Very well marked and run, with good food stops.

There's lots of parking at the start, which is only a mile from the Katonah train station.

I would plan to get a bite to eat at the Katonah Diner afterward, just across the street from the train, on the corner. They served us a tasty lunch on the patio, on one of Bob & Russ's rides this summer.

And donate a few extra bucks to the Friends of Karen--it's a fundraiser.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Goldens Bridge now, not Katonah
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Tim Casey (not verified)
Great ride

It's a beautiful ride with hills, believe me, there's hills. Not mountains, but you should be prepared for some climbs.

The Start/End this year is one stop beyond Katonah, at Goldens Bridge. A bigger parking lot, but not as many good delis.

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