Need hotel recommend near Sakura Park for Escape NY 3 Oct

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  • Need hotel recommend near Sakura Park for Escape NY 3 Oct
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Any recommendations in $150 -175 range? I want to stay overnight on 3rd and be very close to race set up in Sakura P at 122nd Street and Riverside Drive.
Bob Dunne
908-234-2793 (H)
908-423-6785 (W)
[email protected]

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John Z (not verified)
Some Ideas

The Lucerne Hotel at 79th and Amsterdam Ave is very close to the ENY start, but a bit more than your range (its $229 per night, plus). You can try the Holiday Inns/Hojos/Best Westerns in the Times Square are -- these should be less.

The best deal in the city, so far as quality and price on the weekends is the Millenium Hilton. This is a great, modern hotel with weekend rates around $150 (its a **** Hotel). However, it is downtown at the former WTC site, but it is close to 1,9 subway which you can take to 116th Street near the park. Or you can ride if you want extra miles. BTW, prior to 9-11, this hotel had the most spectacular room views of any city hotel I had ever stayed in.

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Lynn B (not verified)
Web list of Hotels on the Upper West Side

Have a look at the site below:

The Broadway Hotel, on 230 W 101 St. seems a good bet- probable even cheaper than your max.


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Lee Ann (not verified)

Good luck with the hotel selection, but Bob, the ENY is not a race.

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Tim Andon (not verified)

If you want a place that's close and VERY reasonable.

American Youth Hostel
891 Amsterdam ave (104 st.)
212 932 2300

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Chris Taeger (not verified)
Americian Youth HOSTEL

The AYH is very accomodating to cyclists.

I stayed there in 98 or 99, and it is an excellent facility for group accomodations. As I recall, there are no private rooms in this hostel.

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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)
hotel for ENY

The Quality Hotel at 215 West 94 Street, near Broadway, is convenient to the start and is a bicycle-friendly hotel. I have been trying to negotiate a group rate or at least a guarantee to hold some rooms for us for the event, but I don't think we can meet their minimum. They do have rooms available now and are aware of ENY that weekend. The rate for a single is $149.95, a double is $179.95, however rates change frequently. I suggest booking quickly if you wish to stay there.

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Sue Foster (not verified)

Someone told me about a Comfort Inn at W.71 St and Central Park West (pretty ritzy neighborhood) and sure enough, I checked it out on their web site. They have rates around $120 range, although you'd have to check that particular date. You'd be a few miles from the start.

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