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"It was very touching to see the photo on the splash page of our web site. I rode with Julie et al on Tues and Thur nights and in the A SIG. Although she had a small frame (yes, her bike too), her spirit was larger than life and she should be an inspiration to all of us. I remember her saying one night after she knew that she needed surgery, ""I want to train even harder so I can be strong for what's ahead"". I will not soon forget her."

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Julia Lobbia...

...I rode with her.
Now, i guess she rides with each of us.

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
'wonder and joy'


Julie did lots of sincere things: she volunteered to help teach english as a second language to Chinese immigrants; took care of someone with AIDS.

She went with friends to the TA, Sea Gull & Pumpkin Patch century events. Even evening laps in Central Park. She even had time to travel to Italy.

She lead her only NYCC ride, ""Beauty & The Bronx,"" in June 2001. Banana Man, Robert Gray and myself went. A photo of her ride appeared in the Bulletin early 2002.

Wayne Barrett wrote a touching article:

Here's one of her exemplary housing article:

Even a piece she wrote on biking in the Big Apple:

If you ride Bike NY or ride on the 6th Ave. bike lane, see her path on the left corner of 33rd St. It's only a block long. You can even walk there to see it.

She was one dynamic person and sorely missed.


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