Sidi shoes

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I have two pairs of ATB style women's Sidi shoes that I don't need anymore. One is a size 40 in decent shape, but used pretty extensively. The other pair is size 39 in excellent condition, barely used. They're yours for the taking . . . first come, first served. The only requirement is that you pick them up from my doorman. I don't want the hassle of shipping or mailing (I'm lazy). I have photos I can email if you're interested./e

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Sue Foster (not verified)

The size 39s are taken. Size 40, still up for grabs.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
More Sidi shoes

Men's size 43 road shoes, black w/ yellow trim, two velcro straps, Look and SPD adaptor plates, good condition.

Pick 'em up and they're yours (good idea Sue!).

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