Have you been injured, even in a slight way, on the GWB N. side?

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  • Have you been injured, even in a slight way, on the GWB N. side?
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I'm writing the Port Authority to ask them to either have a jitney bus to transport bikes and riders across the GWB every half hour between, say, 8:30 and 4, maybe just on weekends, (as the MTA did all day every day during the repair of the Queensboro Bridge), or else put a PA police car in front and one behind riders and allow us to ride across every half hour.

To support this, I would like to include injuries, not names, sustained by riders hefting their bikes across the N. side of the bridge. So far I've heard of three strained/sprianed backs, an aggravated plantar fasciitis, and an elbow tendinitis.

Oh, if you're counting, there are either 161 or 162 steps each way.

And woe to those who would try to negotiate a tandem up and down and around them.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Add one more strained/sprained back

Someone I rode with yesterday (Friday), said it's been bothering her all week.

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mike pidel (not verified)
ADA access?

i am disabled. my left foot /ankle is paralyzed due to a spine injury i cannot carry my bike that number of steps, i can no longer go across the gw bridge because of this

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
The south path was open today

The south bike/foot path on the bridge was open today, although that may have been for the MS ride today. But I do recall that the south path was due to reopen in mid September, so all of the above may have been superceded by events.

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Julio (not verified)

Not only was the south side open, but the sidewalk and ramp on the NJ side was repaired and the barriers were removed. Let’s hope they keep it open, at least during daylight hours.

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mike pidel (not verified)
closed today

south side closed today, maybe time for a group ride across?

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