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Fellow New York Cyclist,

I am coming to New York (October 3rd through 12th) for the first time, I have my brothers wedding to attend...Anyway I am a avid cylcist and I am bringing my road bike in hopes of finding some group rides.

I cannot seem to access your ride calendar, does anyone have advice on how I can hook up on some of your rides?



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Michael (not verified)
Hooking Up

Well, your timing is rather fortuitous as you arrive in NY just in time for our club's annual Escape From NY century ride on October 4th, (half and metric options available if jet lag affects you). Routes are well marked and you'll be able to go back home with stories of cycling over the George Washington bridge (bring a camera) with a great group of NYers.

Check the ENY link on our website

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bill (not verified)
Hard to have more fun than loops around central park

...if you're by yourself.

It's traffic free weekdays from 10-3pm and then after 7pm. And most of the day on weekends.

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