Is the TravelTrac Trainer a decent unit?

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I'm thinking of purchasing the TravelTrac 2000 (with the HF300 fluid resistance unit) trainer from Performance does anyone know if this is a good buy. It costs $150. Thanks in advance.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
An even cheaper alternative

I bought this Minoura trainer from Colorado Cyclist for $90 plus $17 shipping. Probably very entry level, no bells or whistles, but it works fine as far as I can tell, folds us, is stable and not too noisy, and the price is right.

Thanks JP for the suggestion about the rear tire. I was wondering if I ought to get rid of my old wheelset; now the rear wheel will be put back into service, at least.

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JP (not verified)

I have the TravelTrac 2000. It is fairly light and folds for storage. The rubber feet stabilize the unit and have not scuffed my floor. The fluid resistance unit works well and is not noisy - it does get hot. Bikes attach and release easily. The “hill” cable on my unit adds even more resistance.

Buy the front wheel block too.

Also, your rear tire will wear noticeably from the resistance unit ! I bought an inexpensive rear wheel to use on the trainer. I use an old tire on it. I just swap when I use the trainer.

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