Toyota asks employees to not drive to work.

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  • Toyota asks employees to not drive to work.
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"""Irony""doesn't beging to describe this. -Rosenthal

[from Japan Today:]

To alleviate the traffic jam that occurs each day at the company's headquarters in Toyota City, Japan, the company is asking the people who work to develop cars to avoid commuting in them.
""It may seem like a contradiction, but if you think about the problems we are causing to the community around us, it can't be helped,"" said Toyota spokeswoman Monika Fujita. ""It's also quite meaningless to drive in a traffic jam,"" she said.
Every weekday morning, a 2-3-km traffic jam — which takes about an hour to clear — builds up in front of Toyota headquarters in Toyota City, Aichi prefecture, some 250 km from Tokyo, she said.

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Chapt. 2: NYTimes Suburbs = cars=obesity. Unmentioned: bikes.

"A letter to the editor sent today to the NY Times

""As Suburbs Grow, So Do Waistlines"" (NY Times, Sept. 4, Houses & Home Section) reports living in suburbs presents a health risk—obesity—as distances are too great to walk to stores thus leading people to drive, and the absence of sidewalks inhibits walking for exercise. There is an answer that isn't mentoned in the article. It's called the bicycle.

Richard Rosenthal

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
an answer?

"Maybe those suburbanites should start riding ""shopping"" bikes and have daily group exercise breaks at work like in Japan. I sense an upstart flying pigeon business opportunity for Alfredo... -PO'R"

cycling trips