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"Some maintenance work to the message board database was performed recently. A nice by product of this maintenance work coupled with the website's new look is faster page rendering of the message board within your web browser.

Considering that this incarnation of the message board is almost a year old and has a history of over a 1,000 threads (and countless more messages), I scaled back the “Active threads since” menu list. This is primarily due to performance considerations. Additionally, it is not humanly possible to scan through and completely digest that much listed data, I think.

For viewing older threads, I hope that the message board’s search (and ‘Show Thread’) feature will serve that purpose rather nicely. I suspect doing such would be faster than scanning through a long list for a known thread.

If you wish, please provide me with some feedback as to how far back you think the “Active threads since” menu go. In short, what do you think is ""just right""? Thanks a bunch.


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Banana Guy (not verified)
A calendar quarter would be a meaningful period...

...While threads older than 90 days might be relegated to an 'archive'

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Yogi (not verified)
More feedback

"Nice new look Web people.

I took time off in August and missed the ‘NYC Blackout of 2003’ (like the T-shirts say), and– I’ve been ""Off’ line for a few weeks, (I know it’s unimaginable) and missed the latest round of the MB evolution.

FWIW–my vote for ""Active threads since"" is 3-4 weeks since most vacations last more than a week.

Thanks for the fine work.

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)

I'd like access to the last month's messages--one week won't do it for me.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Two weeks?


I was going to suggest making two weeks accessible, so that members could check the board twice a month and not lose touch. But I see that you've made it three weeks, which is fine by me.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Ok, thanks

Thanks for the on and offline feedback. after fiddling a bit, I moved it up to a max of 3 weeks. With a single snapshot sample of 57 new threads/week, listing 229 of them for a month may be a bit too much. If you still feel otherwise, please tell me. You can always do a search to pull up an old thread and highly recommend doing such before posting a new thread, e.g. seeking advice. There's lots of valuable info to be found. -PO'R

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