What bike to use for NYC Century Bike Tour?

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I've never done one of these large group tours and I am wondering which bike I should use. I'm thinking that I would do the 55 mile option - unless I have too much wine with dinner on Saturday and then it'll be the 35 mile ride ;-)

I use clipless pedals on my road bike, but not on my mountain bike. I'm just thinking that if there is alot of stop & go that I would be better off on the mountain bike.

Does anyone have advice for which bike might serve me better - I would really appreciate your input.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Take the Harley (nm)
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JP (not verified)

The route is mostly road and bike path. But, there are some small sections in Forest Park that get dirty, leafy, muddy. You pick it - mtb or road.

Yes, stop/go cycling, urban/semi-urban, so the clipless pedals can get annoying. But again, there are some areas where you may want to drop the hammer and there are a couple of climbs where the cleats may help. And 51 miles is a nice ride for the road. Again, you pick it.

I always roadied it, but there are all sorts of cycles.

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