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I just joined the NYCC about 5 minutes ago. I am looking for training rides in Central Park. On Tuesday and Thursday morning there are the A and B level rides. What should I do as a C-level rider that wants to become an A-Level rider? My work schedule doesn't usually allow me to do the C-Level weekend rides.

My goal is a 7day, 585 mile ride by June 2004.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts.

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Basil (not verified)
Check out SIGs in Spring 2004

"This doesn't answer your question for now but by the time next Spring arrives, you should definitely check out the various ""SIGs"" - they start at various levels at beginning of March 2004.


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JP (not verified)
Welcome ...

"... to the wide wide world of cycling.

If you are a beginning C rider, try cycling ""base"" miles. Build a foundation. Do a couple of laps at a comfortable speed and find out where you are comfortable in terms distance. Do that pace and distance a couple of times, then push a little – go a little faster for a little longer. If you start at 25 miles, next time, try 30, then 35, then 40, then 50, 60. 62 is a metric century!! Going 15 mph on the flats is OK, maybe even a little fast. By then, you should be a B rider.

Once you have a decent base, you start working on speed and strength. Do intervals: after warming up, go all out for 15 seconds, then take 5 minutes or so to recover, and do it again. I like to work in threes. After a few rides, try 30 seconds, then 45, 60, always with a recovery in between, because that is where you get stronger.


Cyclists’ Training Bible, Joe Friel, and

The Lance Armstrong Performance Program, Lance Armstrong and Chris Carmichael.

You may also want to work on handling skills: turning, cleating in/out, breaking, descending.

You may, at some point, want to hit the gym for general core strength and weights.

The MOST IMPORTANT THING, from my perspective, is to keep it in focus – do your riding diligently, yes, but do not pressure yourself into viewing cycling as a chore. It must always be fun, even if your legs are breaking and heart expoding up a mountain at a fast speed. Enjoy it. Keep enjoying it by riding in a groups, sightseeing, exploring, riding to a picnic or lunch.


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Heath (not verified)
One more thing I should mention

"I could probably keep up with the ""b"" group. The reason I am looking for C-level rides is that I think I was riding too hard.

I road 51 miles, average speed 14.5 miles the other weekend. I hadn't done much other riding before that since I was a kid. On wednesday, I rode to work. When I got home, As I went to sit on my couch, my knee went out.

I am more looking for c-level rides so that I can ease back in and not hurt my knee again."

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