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2 years ago I received a ticket for going through a red light in Manhattan. Even though I did not have a driver's license as ID, it found its way there. I have now found that it counts as a moving violation on my driver's license. When one figures the differnce it makes in the cost of auto insurance, it could add up to a thousand dollars...

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Fight it


It is not supposed to add points to your motor vehicle license, and you can get them removed. Here's what someone who works in transportation wrote me (posted in an earlier thread):

""If anyone does get stuck with one of these ""fund raiser"" tickets and you have a driver's license, be sure to check that the DMV does not cite you with a moving violation on the driver's license. Bicycle infractions are NOT to count as moving violation points against your car driving license.

It helps if you give the cop some ID other than a driver's license, but this is no guarantee that they won't match your name and address anyway.

I had to contact the main DMV help office in Albany to clear a bike ticket off the license. (a sting operation at the Brooklyn end of the Bklyn Bridge a few years ago.)""

Hank, if you are willing to place a few phone calls, it could correct your record and save some money. (A LOT of lunches at the Runcible Spoon.) If you want more details, tell me and I'll get them for you."

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
I told you so...

"I pointed this out several months ago in the thread on running red lights. Several people disagreed with me then. Perhaps you will be able to ""beat"" it. But to me, it makes more sense to just stop for the red lights.



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