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here's to a speedy recovery for gretchen bates who suffered a broken collarbone, four fractured ribs, and a punctured lung after a crash in central park on august 18th.

get well soon!

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Get well soon!

Get well soon Gretchen. I had heard that you had been injured over the weekend but didn't hear the extent of the injury.

I'm sorry that you've joined so many other NYCC members in the fractured clavicle club this year. It is getting to be quite a crowd. Hopefully no more will be joining you.

All the best

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JP (not verified)
WT heck!?!

Anyone injured is upsetting. Even more so if it’s a cyclist. Even more so again if it’s NYCC. And if I know the cyclist!!!

Gretchen, speedy recovery. Did you do the 2002 A19 SIG?? If that was you last year, I told you that you were strong. In any event, you’ll be on the road again soon.

Best wishes,

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Bob Mirell (not verified)


I was very sorry to hear about your accident. My best wishes for a quick recovery and looking forward to riding with you again.

Knowing how you progressed in the SIG, I'm sure you're already thinking about getting back on the road.


Bob Mirell

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Keith (not verified)
Get well.

A speedy recovery Gretchen!

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Oh No!

Speedy recovery.
remember: tires down, head up! :-)
hope to see you soon..

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