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"I'm looking for a bike rack for a car/station wagon. Since we typically lease cars, has to be transportable for different types of cars.

Saw ""SARIS BONES 805"" at Sid's. Anyone familiar with them?

Lynn B"

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
I have a Saris...

I have a Saris rear mounted rack that holds 3 bikes. It goes on easy, is very adjustable and folds to a reasonable size to store. I even took it with me in the bike box with my bike on a trip to CA. Rented a car at the airport, racked up the bikes and drove off.

Ever since I was rear-ended, (without the bikes on the car), I've had some misgivings about bumper mount racks. When I can I put the bike(s) in the car, (Honda Civic hatchback).

I've heard that car insurance does not cover bikes racked to the car, and even an off premisis homeowners insurance rider may not cover bikes damaged in a car accident. I guess you have to sue the guy who hit you.

All in all, as bumper racks go, it's a good rack.

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bill (not verified)

The saris roof rack is wonderful. I love it. Really easy to put on and take off. Much better in that regard to Thule or Yakima. Highly recommended. I bought mine from Aardvark Cycles

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