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Dumb me. . . It's been several years since I rode the Hudson River Bike Path and, for the first time, discovered that you can go from Chambers Street to the Upper West Side and more.

However, is there anyone out there who knows how to get up to Riverside Drive once you get into the 80s or 90s on the path - without walking the steps?

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
95th St. Riverside Dr. exit

Here's how:

Reference starting point: Hudson River Greenway crossing 59th St.

#1 Straight Riverside Park South
#2 Bear right, go under west side highway bridge, see other bikers, pass ballparks, Public Pier 11, restrooms NOTE: WATCH FOR CHILDREN; see huge pedestrian / biker lane marker on ground
#3 Cross 79th St. Marina Bar & Grill, right
#4 Turn right at underpass, then turn left at ramp (climb) NOTE: WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS, ESP. CHILDREN AND ONCOMING CYCLISTS
#5 At top, follow giant pedestrian / biker sign and ride on right lane of esplanade
#6 Pass 91st St. Garden
#7 Go around circle
#8 Go left, then right up a bumpish ramp, but not on down hill ramp (that will take you to Cherry Walk*)
#9 Pass park benches
#10 At end, you'll be at 95th St. & Riverside Dr. NOTE: Watch for traffic, esp. on your left. All this with no steps walked.

* if you take Cherry Walk to end, (St. Claire)--turn right at intersection, WATCH FOR TRAFFIC on the first right turn, then make second right @ Riverside Dr. up a hill, you'll get on Riverside Dr., and a back door man's passage to Grant's Tomb and Sakura Park--start of NYCC's Escape From New York (in October)

Hope this helps,

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JP (not verified)
72nd St.

If I'm heading north, I just climb the hill at 72nd St. to Riverside Dr.

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Ivy Pool (not verified)
Work out vs. scenic crawl

The stretch of the Hudson River Bike Path between 72nd and 84th is usually fairly crowded and is certainly slow-going, but it is one of my favorite places in the City. Not to be missed! I love the riding so close to the water's edge and looking out at the boats, especially in the late afternoon.

Reluctantly, though, I agree that if you are in a hurry climbing out at 72nd is faster.

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