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Can anyone recommend a NYC gym that lets you join on a month-by-month basis? I would like to do some cycling-specific strength training over the fall-winter months, but don't want to make a year+ committment. Cheap, low key, and upper westside location.

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John Bundy (not verified)
inexpensive UWS gyms

You might want to check out Dolphin Gym on the SW corner of W95th and Columbus Avenue. Indeed, this place may be under different management.

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
"It's now called ""Synergy"" (nm)"
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Doug (not verified)

Defintely Synergy. I'm a member and it's the cheapest deal in Manhattan. Get a Passport and you can go to any Synergy, including the one on E82nd where you can do spin classes in the winter.

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Charlie Ward (not verified)
I emailed you, buddy

I emailed you, buddy. - charlie

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John Herman (not verified)
Cheap Gyms

I'm not sure about UWS, but YMCAs are pretty inexpensive and monthly.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
My Gym

I work out at Gold's Gym NYC:
They do month to month memberships
They're on the west side on 54th Street, but it's worth it to me to travel up there, (I live in Bklyn and work on 32nd St).

They have lots of classes, including Spin classes. Also, lots of weight machines and a large freeweight area. No shortage of cardio machines, (elyptical trainers, treadmills, upright and recumbent bikes).

Ask for Herb in membership and tell him I sent you.

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