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Does anyone know who the manufacturer of the new NYCC jersey is? I need to take that into consideration when ordering a specific size. Is it Louis Garneau again?

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Mfgr. of new club jersey

"As of this date, I can tell you the name of the manufacturer of the new club jersey ends in an ""i."" What? You say that's not helpful? No, I agree it isn't. But, as of this date, we're still considering several, all perfectly well known companies who outfit pros: From Italy is Santini and Nalini; from Australia is Netti; from the U.S. is Revi; from Canada is Sugoi. Oh, shoot, messing up the ""I-ness"" of all this, there is also Giordana from Italy.

(Garneau does not have the demonstrated capability of producing photographic art to our standard.)

For those not recalling the image and design of the jersey from the May Bulletin--I believe an image of it will be on the club website--the front and back picture the Brooklyn Bridge with a bike wheel superimposed over it in such a way that the cables of the bridge and the spokes of the wheel appear interchangeable. The sleeve pictures a cogset overlaying the spire of the Chrysler Building: again, there is seen a similarity of design in the two.

The dominant color is a wide (8 1/2"") band of blue (the sky) around the chest and back. (The wheel extends above and below it and is 11 1/2"".) The overall background color, the predominant color of the overall jersey is white. The type is blue, outlined in golden-yellow.

I appreciate your early interest in ordering. Unlike last year, we will not stock an inventory of the jerseys; they must be ordered and pre-paid with a cut-off date of Sept. 26th. Delivery will be before Christmas, or, to be ecumenical, Hanukah (which, as an utterly apostate Jew, I'm sure I'm misspelling), and Quanzi (which I'm sure I'm also misspelling). Any second order is unlikely to be delivered before next June.

As for sizing, the jerseys will NOT have side panels because that would interrupt the effect of a blue band (the sky) around the chest and back and because I believe most of us, being non-racers, prefer a more relaxed, comfortable fit.

The chest sizes are the same from manufacturer to manufacturer, even as you probably correctly discern some fit difference between them.

Further questions? Call me. (212) 371-4700. Want an early look at the graphic? E-mail me and I'll do the same back to you with a jpg of the design.

Richard Rosenthal
[email protected]"

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"The ""official"" spelling of the seven day late-December African-American holiday is ""KWANZAA"" as per the Official Kwanzaa Web Site

The correct spelling for the eight-day Jewish winter holiday is het, nun, vav, kaf, heh. There's no ""right"" or ""wrong"" English way to transliterate ""Hanukah."" I doubt the existence of an official Hanukah web site.

Oh, it's a really nice jersey.



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