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Need the names and locations of five good/excellent bike repair shops in Manhattan?

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Carol (not verified)
Just one opinion...

Zoltan at Sid's Bike Shop on E. 34th St. is one of the best mechanics around. This shop has always had good mechanics, but there's been some turnover lately, so the only one I can personally vouch for is Zoltan.

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Nick (not verified)
I second that....

Many of the mechanics in NYC shops are adequate at best. I agree with Carol. Zoltan at Sid's Bike Shop (34th St. between 2nd and 3rd Avenues) is one of the best mechanics in the NYC area. He built up my custom road frame in excellent condition. He also has done excellent work on my MTB.

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banana man (not verified)
Larry & Jeff's 2nd Ave Cycles - 2nd avenue @87th street

just my opinion. your mileage may vary.
Remember, you need to build a relationship with a bike shop to make it great.

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Peter Hochstein (not verified)
I second that

I second the opinion on the 2nd Avenue Larry & Jeff's. The star mechanic there is James. He's the one you want to use.

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John Herman (not verified)
My 2 cents on Larry and Jeffs

I like Larry and Jeffs too. I bought my bike there but had not been there for years. One day the adjustable bolt on my rear derailer broke. I stopped in. They fixed it and the mechanic just waved his hands to say no charge. I was very happy and tipped him nicely. I mentioned that I wanted to bring the bike in for a full cleanup and could they adjust it. They said that if I picked it up on a dead hour they would do the fitting for free.

That is service!

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Me (not verified)

Ridge Street off Houston.

Great small service oriented shop. Not much to look at but you will not get better serice at such great prices.

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Friend of Habo (not verified)
Hal at Bicycle Habitat

On Lafayette at Spring St. (#6 train/bike path)

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