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"Anyone have a route home from the Gimbels ride back to the city? According to, ""Both the long and short versions of the ride end on Boston Post Rd. in Mamaroneck.""


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Jon (not verified)

one quick way from mamaroneck is to take boston post road back through the bronx, make a left at eastchester ave, and then a right (after about 1-2mi) on pelham parkway. You can take that straight to the 207st bridge to manhattan. A nicer detour is to make a left onto shore road off of boston post road in New Rochelle, just before New Roc City. Follow shore road all the way to the end-you will see signs for pelham parkway and follow that as above.

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Adam Pollock (not verified)

Thanks, Jon. I'll give one of those a go. -- Adam

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Erik (not verified)
How to return from Gimbels to the start at Macy's

Does anyone have a returning route from the end of the Gimbel's ride in Mamaroneck to the start at Macy's in Yonkers?


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