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I want to make the trek from NYC to VA Beach, anyone have previous experience/route?

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John Z (not verified)
Route Suggestion

I would consider riding along the New Jersey shore to Cape May then take the ferry to Lewes, Delaware. Once on the Delmarva Penninsula, bicyclists can cross the Chesapeake Bay on seasonal tour boats operating between Reedville and Onancock, with stops on Tangier and Smith Islands. There may also be portage over the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

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JP (not verified)

Yes, go to Cape May and ferry to Lewes. There is a ride called the Longest Day – from High Point to Cape May. Get it’s cue – I may have it if you can’t find it. Edit it to where you want to pick it up. I’ve done the edit and ridden the last 60 miles or so a few times. The roads are quiet and rural, and the cue lists rest stops. Not bad-even in summer for the most part. Just a few towns and some Parkway and AC Expressway overflow. I was down by the ferry last Saturday – not a problem. Lots of cyclists around. The southern 2/3 of Jersey is FLAT!

Check the ferry schedule and policy.

From there, I’ll just suggest.

From Lewes, De, you may be able to head south into Maryland on Rte. 13 (?) – which is the Bridge-Tunnel route – there are parallel roads. Or you can head inland and then south, sort of eventually reaching Rt. 64 area to VA Beach.

Try the Tidewater Bicycling Assn – a club in the VA Beach-Norfolk area. Maybe they can help.

Contact me if you want more $.02.


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