Poughkeepsie-Hunter Loop....strike 3?

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The third posting of one of my favorite routes, and it looks like it will be the third cancellation. Consider this an early warning, not a final decision. Being as this ride has NO bailouts, I'm not willing to set out on it if the weather conditions suggest more than a slight potential for rain. I'd like to see how concentrated the moisture images are on the radar later this evening before determining that the ride is indeed kaput. The predictions presently look horrendous. However, if things look too threatening to go for the P-H Loop but not like a total washout, we may set up a ride with Fred Steinberg on the East side of the Hudson, giving us multiple bailouts if the weather becomes a problem during the ride. Check the bulletin board again around 8-10pm this evening for an update.

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Ron Roth (not verified)
Poughkeepsie-Hunter Loop - Looks better!!

"It's a nail biter. However, the forecasts on Accuweather and Weather.com have improved significantly. Not that this is any guarantee, but it is enough that we are willing to at least say ""it's a go"" at this time. Please have a look at the bulletin at about 6:30am Saturday morning just in case there is a last minute change. For now, however, the ride is on!!"

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Ron Roth (not verified)
Poughkeepsie-Hunter Loop CANCELLED !!

Bummer. They got us again. After looking over the forecasts on Noaa.gov, Accuweather, and Weather.com, both Timothy and myself decided that there was too much potential rain in the forecasts to justify being out in the mountains today. There would likely be some nice, dry periods, but those would be paid for with some hours of wet, and perhaps VERY wet riding.
Since the weather in our area isn't expected to clear until around mid morning, we are not setting up another ride at this time.

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