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"I truly, truly, truly apologize for the miserable state our club communications have devolved into. It is unacceptable that on Friday, August 1st, there is no paper bulletin in your mail box, no pdf bulletin on the website and the weekly email announcements that should have been in your email box on Monday only arrived last night and in a form that is woefully incomplete. There is no excuse for any of this and you have my assurance that steps are being taken to correct the situation as I write this.

In the meantime, here is the complete listing for this weekend's rides AND next weekend's. Just in case.

Friday, August 1

B16 65 Miles 9:15 AM
Point Lookout
Leader: Ron Grossberg
From: City Hall Park adjacent to Brooklyn Bridge bike path
Long Beach /Point Lookout with picnic lunch on the beach. Call or e mail to confirm.


Saturday, August 2

A19/20+ 110 MI 7:35am at GCT
Poughkeepsie-Hunter Loop
Leaders: Ron Roth, Pieter Maessen, Timothy McCarthy
From: GCT – Train to Poughkeepsie departs at 7:53am – 8:03 at 125th Street.
The weather has kiboshed this ride 2x already this year. Let’s give it one more shot. We’ll head north from Poughkeepsie in pacelines on undulating 9G, then swing over to the west side of the Hudson heading for Palenville. Make a left on 23A, grab some fluids if needed, and get on your climbing shoes! It’s 4.3 miles and about 1500ft of vertical to get to the top. The reward for your effort will be a delicious, revitalizing lunch at “Maggies” in Tannersville. After that, a few rollers, than a 10+ mile, mostly downhill section starts us on our way back. Don’t get complacent, however, as Mohonk (about 2 miles and nearly 800+ft.) looms at around the 95 mile marker. Expect great scenery, some serious climbing, and a few noteworthy descents within a long, rewarding day of riding. Bring (at least) 2 water bottles, pocket food, a bike in solid mechanical condition, a helmet, and a Metro North rail pass. A minimum 39/25 chainring/cassette combo is recommended. Please confirm if planning to ride, as Maggies is a relatively small establishment. Good cheer, paceline skills, and fit riders welcomed. If rain or miserable weather (including serious heat!) is forecast, see the Bulletin Board for the status of the ride.

A-20 70 or 100 Miles+/- 8:00 AM
Lakes and Hills of Orange County (Mark’s First Ride)
Leaders: Mark Loftis, Melissa Bybee
From the Boathouse
Over the bridge to Bergen; up Strawtown through Rockland; seriously up Gate Hill to Orange; on Seven Lakes to Perkins and up one last time. At the top of Bear Mountain we will decide whether we are continuing up to Garrison to take the train home or riding back for a century. If we cannot agree, we will agree to disagree and split into two groups to do both options. Helmets, fluids, good attitudes and Metro North passes required. Check for change or cancellation if conditions are not good. My first ride; be nice.

B15/16 60 Miles 7:40 AM
New Canaan, Ridgefield, Amawalk Reservoir
Leaders:John Zap - Allan Goldberg
From: Meet at Grand Central Station for the 7:48 AM Brewster North train to Katonah.
Leader will meet group at Train Station arrive 8:52AM
Beautiful ride through the rolling to hilly back woods of Bedford, Pound Ridge,New Canaan with Lunch in Ridgefield. Then around Titicus Reservoir a nd out along Amawalk Reservoir.Return approx.4:27pm train depending on finish time. Joint.WCC

C14 50 Miles 9:15 A.M.
Oyster Bay
Leader: Scott Wasserman
From: Statue of Civic Virtue (Union Turnpike & Queens Blvd)
I listed this ride in June but it happened to be one of those rare days when it rained. While there are places to eat lunch indoors, the beauty of this ride i"

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
Change to A-20 ride to Bear Mountain

We’ve changed the approach we’re going to use to Bear Mountain on Saturday. Here’s the new description:

Saturday, August 02, 2003
A-20 80 - 85 miles 8 AM
Reservoirs of Westchester and Bear Mountain
Leaders: Mark Loftis ([email protected]); Melissa Bybee ([email protected])
From the Boathouse

We’ll take a Westchester route to Bear Mountain that passes by the Kensico and New Croton Reservoirs. We’ll eat in Thornwood and stop for liquids in Peekskill. Those who want to pedal home from Bear Mountain are welcome but you’ll have to plan your own route home. The leaders would rather have a cold drink in Cold Spring before boarding the 4:03 or 5:00 train to Grand Central. You can get the train in Peekskill if you’d rather skip Bear Mountain and get home early. Helmets, fluids, pocket food and Metro North passes required. Check the message board at or call Mark at 212-866-5824 for change or cancellation if conditions are not good.

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
August Bulletin

The electronic form of the bulletin has been sent to the webmaster and should be posted today (8/1) ... keep an eye out for it. If you need it sent directly to your email, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 212-875-9547 (home).

The PRINTED bulletin was mailed last Friday (July 25th). The NYCC chooses to use a mailing house and send the bulletin out Pre-Sorted First Class which is at least two days longer than regular First Class and less money - a choice of former editors. You should expect it in your mailbox today or tomorrow.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience of the paper bulletin but the Post Office is NOT under my control. For the August Bulletin, I finally had time to keep a close eye on the status of the bulletin from design to print to mail.

Looks like my decision to set earlier deadlines was a good move ... although I never expected the mail to delay the bulletin for one week! There are better ways to get the bulletin in the mail and to the members. I have discussed this with an upcoming NYCC presidential candidate. I may not be the bulletin editor the next time around, but will offer the knowledge from my experience to the next president and editor.

diane goodwin

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