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On Sat, Aug 2, members of Jelly Belly will be cycling loops in Central Park with several local bike shops - starting at around 9:30 - 10:00 a.m.

You can meet members at Bicycle Renaissance - time undetermined, but I'm told it will be in the afternoon sometime.

For details, phone or go to Bicycle Renaissance.

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don montalvo (not verified)
will the m&m team be there as well? (nm)
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Robin (not verified)
Team Once in the park

A few of us spotted the boys in yellow in Central Park well as Health Net with local rider Todd Herriott in tow.

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Carl S. (not verified)
Star gazing in August


Never again in your (or my) lifetime will the Red Planet be so spectacular. This month and next, Earth is catching up with Mars, an encounter that will culminate in the closest approach between the two planets in recorded history. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. Due to the way Jupiter's gravity tugs on Mars and perturbs its orbit, astronomers can only be certain that Mars has not come this close to Earth in the last 5,000 years but it may be as long as 60,000 years. The encounter will culminate on August 27th when Mars comes to within 34,649,589 miles and will be (next to the moon) the brightest object in the night sky. It will attain a magnitude of -2.9 and will appear 25.11 arc seconds wide. At a modest 75-power magnification Mars will look as large as the full moon to he naked eye. Mars will be easy to spot. At the beginning of August Mars will rise in the east at 10 p.m. and reach its azimuth at about 3 a.m. But by the end of August when the two planets are closest, Mars will rise at nightfall and reach its highest point in the sky at 12:30 a.m. That's pretty convenient when it comes to seeing something that no human has seen in recorded history. So, mark your calendar at the beginning of August to see Mars grow progressively brighter and brighter throughout the month.

No one alive today will ever see this again!

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STEEL Man (not verified)
The Last Word

The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.
No one alive today will ever see this again!

No, but my STEEL frame will be around for it!

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Evan Marks (not verified)

What is the sound of a dead horse being beaten?

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chris (not verified)
Saw the Posties..

on the West Side bike path around 3pm taking a little spin. :)

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