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The sad news came this morning that Rey Bernal died of a motorcycle accident on July 25th - returning home from work.

Although he wasn't a member of NYCC, I am certain that some members would recognize him or know him from Central Park as a speed skater or Nyack as a cyclist. He recently participated in the Greenwood Lake 200K on July 12th.

I have placed a photo and wake info at

diane goodwin

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Herb (not verified)

Do you know the facts of the accident?

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)

I attended the wake on Monday evening and spoke with a friend.

He was riding his motorcycle from Unilever, his work. A drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit him. I believe he died instantly. The driver of the van left the scene and now faces manslaughter, leaving scene and drunk driving. A witness followed the van and reported to the police.

A recent photo is posted on my site:

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