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I am planning on going up to Maine to do a bit of cycling and I wanted to tap the collective resource of my NYCC for some advice. A couple questions come to mind:

1- does anyone know routes around Bangor or groups that ride in that area?

2- Since I will be flying in, what is the best way to pack my bike? Consider that ideally, I will be riding from the Airport to the coast for my home base, so is there a way to transport a bike that can be taken on the ride? (strapping a big bike box to my back for 60 miles might be a little cumbersome.. :) What other alternatives might there be?

3- What are the criticals to bring? I have done some 80 mile rides around here, but only day trips. This would be my first multi-day trip. Suggestions?

Thanks in advance. See some of you this weekend. :)

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Sheamus Cullen (not verified)
Cycling in Maine

I also will be in Maine Aug 2-3 for the MS 150 hope this link helps.

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Kurt (not verified)
Airlines suck

"Thanks for the info. I was doing some more research and came to the following conclusion: Airlines suck. Cost of my ticket: $374. Cost of my bike's ticket: $210. $80 oversize fee each way, $25 overweight fee each way. This is with American. I have flown JetBlue with a huge bike box before and they smiled and told me ""no problem""

Anyway, still looking for some good info on this. I'll be going labor day weekend, Sheamus, so I'll miss you. Have a good time!"

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Megan Smith (not verified)

Kurt, I've just returned from Maine where few would contest that the most glorious cycling is to be found on Mount Desert Island: ca. 65 miles of groomed carriage roads through spectacular landscapes (lakes, ocean cliffs, mountains, inland fjord) as well as superb road routes along coastal villages and forests. You can get some specifics from the Acadia National Park website, through the U.S. Park Service site. I've met cyclists who have returned for upwards of 30 years and never run out of rides. You can take a Vermont transit bus to Bar Harbor from Boston, or Amtrak to Portland (not sure about VT Transit bike policy, though). It's well worth the long trip!

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