Final stage of tdf - Returning to Water Street in DUMBO

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I will inquire after work today if they might reserve the television for Sunday evening. Please reply to this message if you are interested.

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John Z (not verified)
Saturday Evening?

How about Saturday evening for the Time Trial, as there still might be some drama.

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seth prince (not verified)
I'll check for both nights (nm)
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seth prince (not verified)
We have Saturday night

8:30pm - 11pm

Apparently they've been airing the tour every evening since the Alp d'Huez stage. Jim seemed pretty happy to hear that we would be returning.

We might have to find out what they could do for the Vuelta.

Now I'm just reminded that I should have asked him about sunday night as well. I'll give a call later on.

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bill vojtech (not verified)
i'm interested (nm)
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adam sturm (not verified)

sounds good, what time is it on?

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Sun. night confirmed also? (nm)
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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
looking for an OLN PR contact, anyone?

Someone from OLN public relations along with a 'radio partner' should catch wind of these TdF viewing event threads and have them pony up some $ for drink specials for this coming weekends festivities as evident by the link below:

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
inquiry made

"After posting the message in this thread, I then posted an inquiry on OLN's website as to why New York is not included in their list of cities to sponsor Tdf viewing events. I received a quick reply back and with his permission to post, here it is:

--- [email protected] wrote:
> Your e-mail was forwarded to me as my group was
> responsible for selecting
> where these viewing events would take place. This is
> the first year for
> this type of local on-site marketing of the Tour for
> OLN and we choose the
> markets based on many different criteria.
> Certainly, as we expand this
> program in the future, the New York metro area will
> be seriously
> considered.
> We are glad you are enjoying this year's exciting
> Tour. Be assured that
> OLN enjoys bringing it to our viewers as much as you
> like watching.
> Bradley H. Friedrich
> VP Business Development
> Outdoor Life Network
> T 203.406.2548
> F 203.406.2534
> [email protected]
> OLN--->Out You Go

Aside from the formal events, if you really enjoy OLN's race coverage (like I do), I'd recommend visiting and dashing them off a quick reply to let them know. Indeed, OLN's TdF ratings have nearly doubled from last year's. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that Lance will do the tour next year which in turn may not be good for estimating future viewership and $elling advertisement time. Passing along a postive note of thanks will help matters more than one would think as it is representative of 'X' number of more folks. Food for thought."

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