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"...I am currently the lucky recipient of both road rash and road gash. Truly a lovely sight with the added bonus of being the slowest person going down the steps to the 1/9 train. I've opted to try those new-ish ""advanced healing"" bandages that keep the wounds wet and percolate whatever is in there until its all healed. Does anyone have any advice - am I doing the right thing? I'd appreciate any words of wisdom."

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Michael Casey (not verified)
did you see this article?

It answers your question and is also pretty informative:

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Linda (not verified)
Thanks very much

Thanks for the link. However, I was kind of hoping that I would get some responses from people who have used these wet healing bandages, like Tegaderm and Band-Aid Advanced Healing.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Primapore was what I could get so I used it - semipermeable, not exactly the same as Tegaderm which is totally impermeable but I covered the area with antibiotic ointment to keep it as moist as possible and changed the dressing every day. It worked great - fast healing, no scarring - Tegaderm should be just as good if not better.

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mb (not verified)
Band-Aid Advanced Healing

"I had 2 minor spills last summer, both of which resulted in road rash to the same arm, hip and knee and left me with some nice scars. After the second accident, I considered whether I shouldn't just wear a bandage on my right knee all the time as a precautionary measure! ;) I tried using Band-Aid Advanced Healing bandages, the largest size available, and this is going to sound gross (dear reader, stop here if you can't handle ""gross"") - they leaked. Whether they worked or not practically stopped mattering, because I ruined at least one nice pair of slacks and a shirt thanks to leakage. PLUS I'm allergic to adhesive, so I was forced to forego sleeveless gowns and shorts for awhile in order not to offend anyone. For small to tiny wounds, fine, but I can't recommend these things for larger areas. I became frustrated (not knowing there were better, friendlier ways to heal) and finally gave up on advanced healing/no scar promises. I switched to prescription antibiotic cream (Bactriban (sp?)), gauze and white elastic netting (mentioned in the article) and got through it.

I also recommend you make sure you've completely washed away any dirt in the wounds with hydrogen peroxide, or something that works in the same way but doesn't destroy tissue as peroxide purportedly does. You really can get an infection if you're not careful, making for even prettier wounds and additional discomfort.

I think I'll try Tegaderm next time. In fact, based on my history, I should probably go out right now and stock up!!!"

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Linda (not verified)

I'm allergic to adhesives as well - but I think my knees are totally immume to that sensitivity after all of my running & riding injuries ;-)

Thanks Evan & MB for your insights.

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