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... and I don't know how you did it but good weather too!


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Liane (not verified)

Definitely one of the best rides this year. SCBC was a great host.

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Eileen (not verified)
Good Job Eva!

Another job well done by our superb special events coordinator. Thanks Eva. You make putting together events like this looks easy. I know that this took a lot of coordination on your part. Sunday was a great day- fantastic routes, good food, lots of fun had by all.

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Eva Wirth (not verified)
Thank you from Sound Cyclists

"Hello my fellow NYCC riders,

I wanted to thank those of you who made the trip to ""The Country"" Sunday for our joint picnic. Hopefully everyone found the train stations and made it back to The Big Town without incident. I hope many of you found what I did when I moved from NYC to Westport ""it's not on another planet"". I enjoyed meeting every one of you. Anytime you would like to make the trek to CT, I will be happy to tell you which ride would be appropriate to you and make sure the Ride Leader knows your coming and welcomes you. As a prior 15 year NYC resident and longtime commuter, currently to Lex and 40th, I understand the desire to ""Escape NY"" once in a while.

I lead an annual Sound Cyclist ride in NYC that starts up at Columbia and heads over the GW for a bit then back down the West side then lunch at the Seaport or The Chelsea Brewery. Hopefully I'll see some of you then.

Take care and ride safety,

Emil Albanese
President -- Sound Cyclists"

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