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Some of the riders on yesterday's ride thought that we would be better served returning from Brewster North as opposed to Brewster, where food and drink is available near the station. [Brewster North is a virtual desert] Their resaoning was that the conductors would more likely give us our own car at Brewster North. Well surprise; it was one bicycle per vestible, 2 per car, no exceptions. And this was not the only conductor with this opinion. I have had friendly and helpful conductors on the Harlem Line but nice conductors are more plentiful on the Hudson Line. And yes, this was a bike train.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
email to MTA

Re: Shabby, unaccomadating treatment

I led the New York Cycle Club bike ride from Brewster to Brewster via points north on the above time and date. On my cycle trips take Metro-North to do most of our country rides in season, saving local bike rides for shorter, colder days. I lead at least a ride a month but probably take the train round trip to far stations 3 times a month. Most conductors are pleasant and accomadating, especially on the Hudson Line. On the above ride we decided to take the train back from Brewster North to accomadate the conductors, perhaps they would give us the rear car. Alot of times we are put there to avoid us mixing with noncycling passengers and we could socialize on our post ride journey home. This was a designated bicycle train. It was to our advantage to go to the Brewster station in town as there are services nearby, ie water, drinks and food. When the train arrived in Brewster North we were told by all conductors that we were to breakup into 2 bicycles per car, one per vestibule. The train never became busy in the rear. Some cars were 'hot' but we would have ridden together in them; the heat doesn't bother us with open windows as the day was not terribly warm.
There were over 10 cyclists involved, which is about average on our rides. That represents a fair amount of outlay on our part and revenue for you. We all think this is unworthy of your past record. Is there anyway that we can avoid this 'solitary confinement' in the future?
Yours, Hank Schiffman

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turboman (not verified)
WHat are they thinking

I can't figure out how they thought that was a good idea. Seemed to me we were completely in the passengers way. I spent the whole trip moving my bike back and forth. And why they didn't just put us all in the empty car with no AC is beyond me.

None of the passengers got upset with me being in the way the whole trip. So they were pretty cool!

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